Fimantic wanted to utilise their branding throughout the website to offer a totally responsive website design that outlines their services whilst being engaging.

Pink Tiles

Brand identity concept for a startup education recruitment company based in London. The branding uses a door visualisation to illustrate education opening doors for the students. It’s also designed to be in the shape of the letter ‘P’.

Konrad Ross

Will developed a custom coded portfolio style website to showcase Konrad Ross’s work. The website is built on a content management system platform.


Brand identity concept for a kombucha based drink in Sweden. We wanted to use bold colours that represented the flavouring. The logo itself reflects the personal and traditional look with a modern twist.

Frank Pine

Concept brand design for a textile manufacturer. We created a custom font to initialise the company name and give the impression of personalised textile manufacturing through the logo.

Open Platform

Will worked alongside other members of a team to develop the bespoke Open-Platform website. The branding is minimal but the website offers an engaging experience.

Equator Coffees

We worked alongside other designers to help to develop the bespoke eCommerce website for established brand Equator Coffees.


A London based startup recruited us to develop their website. With strong branding, we were able to put the company message across. The colour scheme and visuals carry throughout the website.

Taylor Morgan

Branding designed for a property management business based in the United Kingdom. The bespoke logo contains the brand initials formed to create a house shape. Earthy colours were used to match the property briefing.

Veda Workshop

Brand identity design for a startup healing business based in the States. The logo uses shading to give depth and a modern look to what could otherwise be a flat design.