Investor Realty Consultants

Website, logo and branding for a start-up real estate investment company.

Based in the USA, Investor Realty Consultants came to us as a start-up real estate investment firm. We designed all of their branding and web material.

Client: Investor Realty Consultants
Services: Website Design, Logo Design, Branding


Website, logo and marketing material.

Based in the USA, Investor Realty Consultants came to us as start-up real estate investment organisation.

We initially aided them with a business name. This led to the logo design and building their brand. Due to the nature of their professional business sector, the website had to feature a lot of information. We listened to Investor Realty’s requirements and put together a website that gives them a clean and professional face whilst giving their prospective clients the information they need.


From start to finish.

We worked closely with Investor Realty Consultants from the birth of their company until it was up and running. The process involved the creation of a professional logo once the company name had been thought up. We then used the same mindset for the creation of the website.

We continue to work with Investor Realty Consultants closely and provide them with technical support and a monthly SEO package.

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Circle Design Co. have made it possible for my company to have an identity. They were so informative about the naming and branding of my company. So, not only were they useful for the design process, they were insightful throughout the whole process from step one. Highly recommended. I couldn't be happier.

Eduardo C. Principal of Investor Realty Consultants