Riad Lolita Tarifa

Website, logo, branding and booking system for a hotel and bed & breakfast business located in Spain.

The owner of the traditional riad hotel came to use to modernise their website and branding, without losing the traditional aesthetics of their property.

Client: Riad Lolita Tarifa
Services: Website Design, Logo Design, Branding


Website, logo and online booking system.

The owner of this hotel business contacted us to redesign their existing website to give it a more in-keeping look with their hotel’s style.

We also redesigned their logo to feature the traditional patterns seen throughout the hotel.

The client also requested that an online booking system be incorporated into the website.


From start to finish.

We worked with the owner of the property closely in order to get a sense of the traditional and historical aspects. They wanted these to be incorporated into their website and branding. It was essential to modernise the website and branding without losing touch with the foundations the business was built on.

With the basics complete, we incorporated an online booking system into their website. This not only gave their customers an easier way to book directly, but it meant that the client’s business was now brought up to date.

riad 1
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